Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Happenings

Today I got to help in Maddie's class.  It was caramel apple day.  My job was to have the kids pick out their apple, stab a popsicle stick into it, and get a small piece of wax paper before heading over to their teacher and her crock pot of caramel.  We had a great sticky time.
 Afterwards I stopped by Ryan's school.  He was in the middle of their student of the month assembly when I arrived.  It's so fun to see him with the little kids.  I didn't stay long, but sometimes you have a down week and need things like a hug in the middle of the day.
 On a positive note, I made some pretty amazing looking biscuits today.  They have layers, like what you might see in the premade cans of biscuits.  It was worth celebrating.  We've been listening to The Magic Thief audiobook in the car, and Con always wants to eat biscuits.  Then I want to eat biscuits.

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