Monday, October 3, 2016

All About Maddie

Maddie had the honor of being Student of the Month in her class for the month of September.  She was quite excited about being chosen first, and picked out her all black and white outfit carefully for her special day.  I was able to go to the assembly and watch her light up while her teacher explained all the reasons she was chosen.  
 We haven't had picture day yet, so there were no certificates.  They are promised to the kids sometime after picture day.  But the kids still got to go up and get their sparkly Student of the Month pencil.
 For Family Home Evening we were invited to a surprise birthday party game of Dodgeball in the church cultural hall.  I have a remarkable skill at dodging the ball.  Either no one was aiming for me because I look pathetic, or I am just that good, but for a couple of rounds I was the last "man" standing.  I'm not really a fan of flying objects, and try to avoid them as much as possible.  It was more fun playing than I remember.

At the end of the playing, we gathered for cake and to sing Happy Birthday to Jason Moyer.  While we were finishing up the evening, Maddie tripped and fell.  Her chin collided with the floor, and there was much blood.  We took her to the girl's bathroom and saw how big the gash was.  It was going to need stitches.  Luckily for us (but maybe not his wife), Dr. Weaver was also there and he offered to stitch Maddie up at his office.  A late night visit that saved us a trip to the ER.  He's the best.  He also missed helping put his kids to bed, so we owe his wife as well.
There are Maddie's 7 stitches.  I hate blood and gore, but the revulsion isn't quite as strong as mothering.  I held Maddie's hand through the cleaning, the numbing shot (which is the worst part of it all), and the stitches.

Also, here's my Facebook status of the day: Want a day of stained clothes? Run out of laundry detergent on a Monday. Later that same day you can have one child come home from school with art paint on her shirt, another with mustard on her pants, and finally one more child who splits her chin wide open requiring 7 stitches and bleeds all over. I will never run out of laundry soap ever again.

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