Saturday, October 22, 2016

Primary Pumpkin Patch

Having a big garden means growing a lot of produce.  We shared our pumpkins again with the primary this year.  We arranged to have it from 10 until 11 am, and we finally said our last goodbye about noon.  Some people aren't big on things like schedules and time.

The primary provided apple cider, hot chocolate, and cookies.
 We had two Beehives come too.  Emma was glad.

The germination rate of our pumpkins this year wasn't great.  We were a little worried for a while that we weren't going to have enough pumpkins for everyone.  But once the temperatures cooled down and the pumpkin foliage wilted, we were able to count them and we had just about the right amount.  Just not tons and tons of extras, which is ok.

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