Friday, October 21, 2016

Last of the fall soccer

Our last soccer game was supposed to be last Saturday, but it was rained out.  The games that were at 9 am still played, but it was pretty sloppy by 10:30.  So we rescheduled for the following Thursday.  Someone was supposed to get a referee, but by 10 minutes past starting time no ref had showed up.  So the opposing team coach refereed the game.  We needed to get started because the sun was fading fast.

As the game progressed, I noticed fog? mist? was starting to come in.  I had to take a picture of it behind the kids.
 Then I noticed that we were in for a spectacular sunset.  Be warned, I took a lot of pictures.
 The fog was surrounding us.
I got the soccer ball in the air:

 The kids probably thought I was taking pictures of the playing.  But the sky was a pretty amazing backdrop to the brutal game.  All of our team got kicked hard at some point in the game.  At least Annie and Maddie held it together better than some.

 That sky though...
 Made it to half time!
 Half time pep talk with Coach Michelle
 By the end of the game it was pretty hard to see.  There were small girls out there, but I couldn't always see where the ball was.
 Taking an end of the season team picture in the fog in the dark isn't the easiest thing to do.
We made it!  Go team Sunnyside!

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