Friday, October 7, 2016

Bill's Berry Farm

It's been a few years since the last time we went to Bill's Berry Farm.  There were some friends from out of town who wanted to see a bunch of their old Sunnyside friends, so they arranged to have a play date at the farm.  I didn't want to go see Ty and Jenn and their kids without my play date "buddies" so Annie and Maddie stayed home from school.  (You can't go to a play date without kids.  That's awkward for everyone.)  

We arrived on time, and then waited for everyone else to show up.

 Finally people started showing up.  After I started berating myself for keeping the girls home from school for nothing.
 Jane also skipped school.
At least there were fresh pumpkin spice donuts.  We bought a dozen, ate half, and took the rest home.

 (Maddie likes to have a bandaid on her chin every day.  She doesn't like her hair or anything else getting caught on her stitches.  But things seem to be healing nicely.)

 At this point in the day, it's lunch time.  I had packed a lunch for the twins, fully expecting I would let them eat it while I drove them to the last half of their school day.  But our out-of-town friends were tardy and by the time they showed up and we had a chance to visit, there was no point in going to school.
At least it was a nice day.

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