Monday, February 18, 2008

Deception Pass

Here are Grandpa and Emma walking along the beach. It was such a nice day! Considering it is February, I was impressed. We brought hats and gloves, and ended up not needing them. There have been late spring days colder than this day was!
Ahhhh.... Thanks for joining us Dad! (The kids were having an anti-camera moment. We had to hang onto their coats for them to stay still. They would much rather play.)

Ryan on top of the world!

Emma on top of a Really Big Rock. She said Ariel the little mermaid used to come here to sing.

We found a little crab and Ryan picked it up. The crab pinched Ryan. Maybe it was Sabastian (from the "Little Mermaid")?

We threw a lot of rocks into the ocean. The girls had a blast! Elizabeth has an amazing arm, and her aim got remarkably better after an hour of hucking rocks into the Puget Sound. She did hit some poor kid in the back one time, though. I felt really bad about that. Ryan eventually got bored of regular throwing and skipping rocks, and started hitting the rocks with sticks. He shattered many.

The girls really wanted to make a sand castle. Unfortunately Washington isn't known for its soft, sandy beaches. So, we improvised and made a rock tower. It started out as a castle, with rock walls. Sadly, it kept collapsing and it just turned into a pile. So we made it into an even bigger pile, and called it a tower.


ryan said...

This picture may make our family in California feel bad for us because they have such nice sandy beaches. Let me just tell them that we have sand. (well at least we have course gravel) It is just under several inches of rocks. I like the rock beaches. You never get home and take off your shoes and dump sand all over the floor because you didn’t know it was there. You will know if you have one rock in your shoe long before you get home. The same is true for all the other places sand seems to find its way into at the beach. A few rock in the swim suit and you will know right away. You won’t go the whole day running around and then get home and find out that sand has rubbed you raw in all the wrong places. You know when the beach is on you in Washington. I think it is good this way. If you are eating and drop food it on the ground, no big deal rocks are easy to take off your food. Not like sand

The A Team Mom said...

I LOVE deception pass! This is a family favorite place! Maybe we can meet there this summer!