Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Tuesday we got up at 6 am Hawaii time. We felt like we had slept in, since that's 9 am Pacific. After we got ready for our day, Ryan and I took a drive around the northern portion of the island. The map indicates "rough road," but it really wasn't that horrible. The views were breathtaking. There was a lot less traffic than the Road to Hana, and I'm guessing the locals probably like it that way. Yep, we are in Hawaii, all right. The car rental company gave us this Subaru Impreza, instead of the economy car we reserved. It was very sporty, but got just a bit better gas mileage than our minivan.

You might be surprised how many signs like this there are in Maui... I was glad it was Ryan driving. I think they may not know how to make straight roads there. :o) I guess it goes along with the one lane bridges.
We went snorkeling at Honolua Bay. We rented gear at a place called the Boss Frog. Ryan convinced me that I could do it. So, with the help of a blow up pool toy, I swam all over the bay! So yes, even I can go snorkling. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I was sure glad I did. It was sooo awesome! We saw lots and lots of tropical fish and coral. Even the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. (It took me three days to teach it to Ryan) We went snorkeling again Thursday, and we bought an under water camera for that very purpose.
Seriously, could I look any more ridiculous?
If you can see behind me, that is a rocky beach, not a sandy one. We felt so retarded trying to get in and out of the water. The good news is, after we got back on land, we watched other people and they looked just as awkward.
A view from above at Honolua Bay. It was beautiful!

Here we are at the Royal Lahaina Luau. The price of the tickets included an all-you-can drink bar, as well as an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's a shame we still have to pay the full price when we don't drink. We had a nice selection of juices and soda. The buffet, however, was very good. And we stuffed ourselves accordingly.

The Kalua pig held by two of the dancers in the show later on. The lady in the middle was the emcee for the evening. She was very engaging and quite funny. I think the faces she made alone made us laugh. The guys were doing a "hula kahiko" or the ancient style of hula. The styles included Tahitian, Hawaiian (both ancient and modern) and Samoan. There was a guy who, for the finale, did the fire knife. My camera really didn't do justice to it, so I'm not posting one. But it was very cool. The regular guy dancers did a less intense version with the fire knife and the ladies came out with flaming poi balls. I know how easy it is to hit yourself, in spite of your best intentions, so I don't think I'd use the flaming poi balls...
We are ready for bed! 9 pm Hawaii time is too late for us....

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