Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Come Spend a Day in Lahaina"

Thursday morning was spent snorkling, and those pictures are on the waterproof camera getting developed. After lunch we went to Lahaina to walk around for a couple of hours. An itty bitty lighthouse right in Lahaina.
This appears to be where a lot of surfing lessons are given. We spent quite a while watching people try to stand up on their boards. And we decided boogie boarding looks to be more fun for the likes of us.
This is the very large Banyan tree by the old Lahaina courthouse. It's seriously huge.

We stopped for ice cream before heading back for dinner. Here Ryan is enjoying his Road to Hana ice cream (yep, that's the name of the ice cream). It is basically Rocky Road with macadamia nuts. I had macadamia, coconut and caramel in vanilla ice cream. Yum! It didn't have a cool name like Ryan's though.

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