Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Rope Swing

Ryan brought home this rope a couple of days ago. Today he decided to make it into a rope swing in our backyard. He used his boy scout knot knowledge for it. There was a long tail left, after it was tied around a piece of wood for the seat. Ryan used the long end to pull the swing along, to make sure the swing didn't crash into the tree. Also, he could get the girls up very high. They loved it. It was Emma's turn when I came outside with the camera.
Elizabeth's turn. They loved being up high.
Mommy trying to get on the swing.

Daddy the Mastermind of the Rope Swing playing Tarzan. Or maybe George of the Jungle?


Woodrich Family said...

What a great dad! Masterminds of all the fun, it's just like having another kid. Though much better behaved, for the most part.

Brooke said...

That looks so fun! Sometimes the boys will talk about the 'hill' in your yard. They did get good a dirty a few times on it, did they not?