Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight for FHE we carved our pumpkins. I took a bunch of pictures.
Feelin' the goo!
Daddy took care of all the scraping, so all the girls had to do was pull out the stringy stuff.

"I love goo!" And the girls also tried eating the pieces of the pumpkin we cut out. They kind of liked it.
Emma's pumpkin. Check out her eyelashes. (She may have had some help with the cutting)
This is a combination effort from myself and Ryan. We played rock, paper, scissors for doing the mouth vs eyes and nose. Guess who did the JAWS mouth?

Elizabeth drew the face on her pumpkin, and I cut it out for her. one more pumpkin....
Whatever you do, don't swallow TWO pumpkin seeds.... The seeds really will grow.
I made Ryan laugh with my crazy idea. It's just construction paper and a shirt that really doesn't fit over my belly anymore.


Becky said...

Love the tummy pumpkin!! Fun stuff- we did the same thing tonight for FHE!

The A Team Mom said...

This is TOO FUNNY!!!
Great pumpkins! We did ours last night also. Hopefully I will get to a post ASAP!

Tiffanie and Jeff Bodine said...

Hilarious! The idea of having the kids draw out their own faces is a great one, maybe I'll steal your idea! We're doing ours tonight (Better late than never!!)

Brynne said...

Danae! You are so creative! I love all of the pumpkins!!! haha the tummy one may be my favorite...Its the (new) girls' first halloween! haha