Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night was the Trunk or Treat at the church. We started getting ready early, as both girls wanted their hair curled. They even got a little makeup! (Elizabeth has her eyes closed to show the sparklies on her eyes!)

Costumes on and ready to go! Emma was Sleeping Beauty and Elizabeth was Belle.

Dinner was provided. You had your choice of hot dogs or chili dogs. The girls and I opted for regular hot dogs.

There was a carnival before the actual trunk or treat too. It was fun for the kids. Each auxiliary (RS, Primary, Bishopric, Sunday School, etc.) was in charge of a different activity. This was the cake walk.

Just before they set the kids loose to go trick or treating, they had all the kids get up on stage to show off their costumes. This was part of the 0-5 years category.

The weather was very cooperative this year. We were ok to walk around the parking lot in sweaters. Some years we really have to bundle up under thick winter coats, so this was really nice. Ryan handed out candy from the back of our van, and I took the girls around the circuit. We started at our van, and by the time we made it back, Ryan had finished handing out all our candy. Perfect timing!


Cailean said...

What a fun time! Wow your ward really went all out - what a great idea! Yeah the weather here in Seattle was great too - at least our kids didn't have to wear their super warm coats and gloves...just regular coats :) Isn't it fun to put makeup on them? That was my favorite part of the evening :)

The A Team Mom said...

I love all the curls! I keep waiting to hear that you have had the new little girls! I supposed a lack of posting will probably signal that! You better tell Ryan that it is his job to keep us all in the know!!

Natalie said...

How fun! They look so cute all dressed up in their costumes.

Becky said...

Fun! I miss Sunyside ward activities. We had a good activity here- but I still miss seeing everyone in Sunnyside.