Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Twins Arrive!

After a really long and tiring weekend of pre or false labor and no real sleep, I called my doctor's office Monday morning and begged for an appointment. I got one at 10:15. Dr. M told me that conditions were "favorable" for an induction and things would be ready for me at the hospital in 45 minutes. Yes! "The babies are finally coming guys!" I packed my bag, Ryan got his sub plans out and ready in his classroom, made arrangement for the girls and we were off.
We arrived at the hospital at about noon, and they started the Pitocin about 1 pm. I was 8 centimeters dilated just after 8 pm, at which point I was wheeled (or Bumper Car-ed into) the OR. Dr. M's condition for letting the twins arrive naturally was that it had to be in an operating room, in case of emergency. I had all the staff available for a C-section just in case. The room was very, very full. My birthing bed, the baby/contraction monitor, two warming tables, an operating table and all the other stuff crammed into one room, plus my doctor, nurses, baby doctor and us. Whew! I pushed 3 or 4 times before baby A arrived at 8:45 pm. Baby B arrived 9 minutes later, at 8:54 pm, with only 2 or 3 pushes. Nice! Baby A was 5 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long. Baby B was 5 lbs 9 oz and 19 inches long. And yes, this birthing experience included an epidural. There's a reason I was born during the age of technology.

Here they are! Anne Kathryn and Madeline Rae Kannely. This was the first time I got to hold them, which was after I was returned to my room.
Elizabeth is a big sister now! She's pretty excited about that.
Big Sister Emma

The second bath.

Leaving the hospital yesterday as a family of.... what the.....6 people??!?!

We made it home! (Aaaahhh! They seriously just let us take TWO babies home? Shouldn't there be some sort of intensive training first? Or maybe they should send us home with a nurse to make sure we are doing everything right???)

The twins are so tiny compared to most other babies. These are what their legs look like. Ryan left his hand in the picture so you could really appreciate how tiny Maddie's and Annie's legs are.


The A Team Mom said...

Congrats! Grandma called my Mom so I was waiting for a post from you but figured it may take a while! SO I am so happy you let us know!! The girls are beautiful!!! Are they identical? I think you should recieve a free nurse/maid/nanny for at least the first year for having twins!!

Brynne said...

AAAAAAH! Danae I am SOOO excited for you guys! You are a great mom and i know you can only get better! I can't wait to see you guys! Good luck

Nathan said...

Congratulations! I'm glad everything went well and you guys are home so quickly with both of them.

Cailean said...

You are officially a superhero! I am so amazed that you delivered them both without a c-section and so happy that everything went well! That has got to be quite the adjustment to have two new little people so thankfully you have two big sisters eager to help and dress their little living baby dolls!

Travis said...

Hooray! I am so excited for your family. Annie and Maddie are so cute- just adorable. We are so happy that everything went well. Wish we were there in Sunnyside!

Brooke said...

Wow, I am impressed that you actually had a moment to get on the computer, and you sound so coherent! We are so happy for you guys. Madeline and Anne are beautiful names. They are very adorable! I wish I was there to help you out and hold those sweet babies! Not everyone could handle more that one newborn at a time, you and Ryan obviously can since they were given to you :) Hopefully you can sleep better now....I will pray that they'll be sleepy little babies for you!

Becky said...

Ahhhh- I had no idea you had your babies!!! No one told me! Anyway-Congratulations!!! They are truly beautiful. Even though they look little- almost 6 pounds each is pretty good for twins, isn't it? I am so glad things went well for the birth. I am sure having two newborns will be crazy- but you guys will do great!! I can't wait to meet Madeline and Anne. Are you calling them Maddie and Annie? You are looking good too!

Beverly said...

Congratulations you guys! That is so exciting. I am glad that everything went well with the deliveries. They are little cuties!

Woodrich Family said...

Congrats to you! What beautiful little girls! It's such an amazing blessing to be the mom of such wonderful girls!! Good luck!