Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday's Project

Saturday morning rolled around and the floor still needed some more smoothing (see post below). Then waiting until everything was dry. It was nearly lunch time before the new vinyl was unrolled. It was huge. But the good news was- it was huge. No need for seams. It was a process getting it spread out in the kitchen, centered, squared and roughly cut so that the gluing could begin.
The nasty glue was then smeared out quickly and as evenly as possible. It was done in two shifts; first the outer wall side, then the inside. Then Ryan got to push out any air bubbles:

Once the flooring was all in, we had to wait a while to put back the appliances until the glue dried. While we were waiting, Ryan started another project. It snowballed into a much bigger project, but since we aren't talking about it- ah hem, some of us are a little touchy about it- I will only say that it created a lot of:
on my new floor. The project is nearly done, and you can hardly tell it was an issue.
(I'm joking, Ryan isn't really touchy. He did feel bad that he had to take out part of our wall, but he has since put it back.)

This is the finished product. You can see that Ryan even put up the "toe kicks" on the bottom of the cabinets. I like to sit and gaze at that view of the kitchen, since it is the finished side. The molding store (the cheap one anyway) was closed Saturday, so we weren't able to purchase the molding that goes around on the walls. That's a project for tomorrow. I get all giddy inside thinking how this project is finally coming to a close. It is looking so great, and Ryan has done a fabulous job.
And I hope never to see my fridge and stove in my living room ever again.
PS Thanks, Dad, for lending us your expertise and your nifty tools. Next time you come over, I'll actually cook for you. :o)


Natalie said...

The floor looks great! You guys have done a great job with your remodel.

Tasha said...

Looks fantastic!