Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1 Year

Well, we made it. A whole year with four children ages 6 and under. Whew!
So, yesterday was the actual day, but with parent/teacher conferences, we were unable to celebrate. It seemed wrong to have a party without daddy. Besides, mom goes into survival-mode when there are 3 evenings in a week that are daddy-less. So we invited some friends over tonight and had us a party! Annie and Maddie opening cards from Grandma Nissen.
Party time!

I took Emma and Elizabeth to the store this afternoon for frosting ingredients and so they could buy gifts for their sisters. They were so helpful- they helped Annie and Maddie open their gifts and then helped them play with their new toys. Rather, we had to remind them that the toys were for the babies, and could they please bring them back?

"I like birthdays!"

I think this is the first time we've had the birthday girl really go for it with the birthday cupcake. And both Annie and Maddie went for it! We try to be pretty good about not giving babies desserts (or limit to a couple of itty bitty bites from mom and dad's plates), so their birthday is the first real foray into the world of sweets.

Mmm.. frosting.
I think Maddie likes the cupcake...
"Can I have another?"
I think Elizabeth liked the cupcakes too.
Elijah got to take a cupcake home for tomorrow.
And then it was bath time. There was chocolate sludge in the bottom of the bathtub afterwards. I was amazed at how many chocolate crumbs can stick to little bodies.
Happy Birthday Annie and Maddie!


Natalie said...

What a fun party! Annie and Maddie are so cute. I love all the cupcake eating pictures. I can't believe that they are 1 already!! They are adorable.

Ellerbeck Family News said...

Happy Happy birthday!
I can't believe they are one!
Wow-time went fast-
you guys are doing a great job
with all of your girls-
love Aunt Jeanne

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Annie and Maddie!!! Like the other comments- wow- time goes by. They are ADORABLE!!