Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

It took me over an hour to get all four children dressed last night. An HOUR. We began at 4:15 in the afternoon, with painting Emma and Elizabeth's finger nails. They were chompin' at the bit, wanting to get dressed up so I thought we'd begin with a little primping. Then it was a little face powder and eyeshadow. Then it was full-on bedlam, trying to be ready to be at our ward's annual Trunk-or-Treat and carnival at 5:30. We were taking pictures at 5:30... so not too bad, right? Especially considering I finished up with the costumes at about 3 o'clock.I may be prejudiced, but how cute are they?

Maddie and Annie's first Halloween. Pretty Ballerinas.

It's a hot dog dinner for us.
What is it about kids and Cheetos?
BFFs Elizabeth and Elijah.
Emma and her friend Lucy.
Happy Halloween....?
Since this blog is also my journal, this next part is for me. I woke up Wednesday morning with that sick feeling in my stomach that I was forgetting something. I had planned on the girls wearing white shirts to go with their tulle fairy skirts and wings. Unfortunately those skirts didn't cover as much as I wanted. And the sick feeling was the realization/remembering that Emma's white shirt had a big ugly stain in front and I had packed away all the shorts already. Thursday I decided I could make Emma a pink (long) blouse and hopefully I could dig out Emma's purple one from two years ago, so I bought material at Walmart. Friday after the kids went to bed, I cut out the pattern and started sewing. And sometime Saturday afternoon I finally finished it. It just wasn't quite as smooth as I had hoped. The cold medicine I was on made my thought process a little ...slow. In addition to that, I made Emma and Elizabeth little fairy wands and 4 tulle skirts for all my girls this last week. But they turned out and we had a good holiday.


Natalie said...

Such cute fairies and ballerinas! I am glad you had a fun Halloween. I can't believe how big Elijah is!! Totally missing Sunnyside after reading your blog!

Becky said...

They all look sooo adorable! I love the twins' little pig tails . . . so cute. What a great mom to make costumes . . .