Monday, November 30, 2009

Tree Hunting

Part of the Thanksgiving festivities includes going to the Christmas tree farm and finding that perfect Christmas tree: Big and Full. So, we get out there and the kids point to the first big tree they find. "How 'bout that one, Grandma?" (Grandma has the final say in the Christmas tree.)

My incredibly talented sisters-in-law...
Our family picture after the Big Family Picture, which I didn't get a copy of on our camera. But, if you are on Rick and Kim's card list-- you'll get to see it. Hopefully I will...

These are just more of what you can see in the video below. I think I need therapy.
And can you believe that with faces like these to look at, the best picture we captured was:
Not enough smiles.

The elusive smile begins to show.

Ah ha! We found the tree! And Ryan was the lucky guy who got in the mud to saw down the tree. What a good sport!

Yay Christmas tree! Now can we get outta here? (There are adult hands holding the twins on.)

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Natalie said...

Looks like so much fun! Elizabeth is so cute with her "elusive" smile!