Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Trip

We took a trip to visit family for the Easter weekend.  Due to parent-teacher conferences, we were able to start our Spring Vacation a little early.  So, after a couple of hours of shining faucets, sweeping floors and stuffing the rest of the clean laundry back into the dryer, we were able to escape on Friday.  (As it turns out, no one wanted to see our house over the weekend.  But at least we had a very clean house to come back to.)

When we arrived at Ryan's parents, we were confused to see an extra car out in front of the house.  We knew both of Ryan's sisters would be there, but the car didn't belong to anyone we knew.  So imagine our surprise to see Ryan's brother, his wife and son there in the living room.  (They rented a car- hence the unfamiliar vehicle.)  And so, we were able to spend the weekend with the whole family.  That's 8 adults, 6 children and 1 baby in one house.  
Maddie and baby Simon.  He's changed a lot since we saw him last.
We dyed Easter eggs. 
Simon was the object of a lot of attention.  Hopefully his parents didn't mind too much. 

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Michael and Blair Kannely said...

didn't mind at all. Loved that he is so loved! Plus let me do stuff with both hands instead of one!!!