Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What She Wore Wednesday

Do you ever see those features on some blogs called, "What I Wore Wednesday"?  Well, I was thinking about doing something similar to that, only about my kids and their amazing fashion sense.

So, without further ado- Elizabeth's first contribution.
Brown knit pants (Walmart), my Halloween socks (a gift from my mother-in-law a couple years ago) and gray velro shoes (Payless).  Awesome, right?


Sarah Brunson said...

hahaha. oh Danae. This is brilliant. Much, much better than other "what I wore wednesdays" (which may as well be called 'I'm cuter than you and I know it wednesdays").

Also I love your blog. I didn't get to know you or ryan very well growing up because of the age difference, but I ran across your blog a year or so ago and I am now a dedicated reader. Your stories always brighten up my day, you are an AWESOME mom. You inspired me to keep my blog more updated so that I can print it out in book form for a keepsake as well.

Danae said...

Thank you! I am always amazed other people read my ramblings.

I agree with you on the "What I Wore Wednesday" features. This is kind of just poking fun at those people who know they are cuter than me. :) I think my sense of style could be called frugal and comfortable, and so I don't think it would not inspire anyone.