Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time at the Library

Tonight while we were out and about after dinner, I wanted to stop by the library.  I had requested a book yesterday morning online, and since it is at my local branch, I figured it would probably be waiting for me.  Run in, grab the book and run out- 2 minutes tops. 

I walked in the library and over to where the "held" books are kept.  There weren't any bookmarks with my last name on it.  I walked over to the Young Adult section and didn't see the book, so I walked over to the children's section.  (The book is "Moon Over Manifest" and is a Newberry winner.  I figured it had to be in one of those two sections.)  Still didn't see it.  So I walked up to the front counter and waited patiently in line.

The girl in front of me I think was attempting to check out about a quarter of the children's section of our library.  (My local library isn't terribly large, or even medium-sized one.)  There were three large stacks of books to be scanned.  I could actually hear the shrieks coming from my minivan inside the building.  Ryan was watching them- they probably weren't maiming each other.  Or were they?  But the librarian must have noticed my impatience, because she called over another librarian to help me.

I walked up to the counter and asked which section my book would be.  He looked it up and declared it was the children's section which was, "Over there."  I walked back and tried valiantly to find the book.  I think I know my alphabet; why couldn't I find the darn book?

I walked back up to the counter to say that I must be blind or impaired in some way, but before I could say anything, I saw my book waiting for me on the front counter, complete with the last name bookmark. 


So I picked it up and handed it to the first librarian.  "I wondered why I didn't see it over there," I told her. 

"It seems funny Thomas didn't say that he had pulled it already for you."

Indeed.  Or that he just silently left it there up front while I stupidly tried looking for it for another 2 minutes.  Since it had to have been pulled recently since it wasn't waiting with the other "held" books.

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Heidi E said...

Oh man. I have been there too... there is much more to it then the ABC's and 123's... you must be a detective too ;)