Monday, August 6, 2012

More (Mis)Adventures in Home Selling

I'm sure this isn't interesting to the rest of the world, but this is the life that is encircling me right now.  When I say "encircling," what I really mean is- utterly and completely stressing me out in a big way.


Our realtor called Ryan this morning.  As the buyer's realtor isn't doing his job in following up with anything at all, our realtor finally connected with the appraiser.  He asked her why he hadn't been over to do the final check.  He replied that he would- as soon as the lender's bank gave him the order.

I'm sorry- what?  That order was supposed to go out last Tuesday.

(And here I've been silently cursing the appraiser.  Whoops.)

So our realtor called the buyer's bank, told the receptionist lady she'd darn well better get the dude out of the meeting and talk with him.  Now.

Hopefully the bank got around to ordering the follow-up appraisal today, or at the latest, tomorrow.

I'm angry.  I'm having severe junk food cravings.  I'm stressed.  I have a shorter fuse around my children.  I will be so very glad to finally be done with this house thing.  If and when the other lady's lender and realtor will get off their sorry behinds and do something.

Now excuse me while I go make some voodoo dolls, and dig my sewing pins out from in the packed up boxes.

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Cailean said...

I sooooooooooo feel for you! Our home-selling experience with our short sale last year was mind-boggling frustrating! It felt like every day we were amazed at the incompetence or apathy of the market. Thankfully our own realtors were great and thankfully it had a happy ending and made it all worth it!!! I know it will all eventually end but the day to day craziness is nuts! Hang in there!