Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Waiting Game Continues

Well, here we are.  Two weeks after our original closing date on our house, and we are still here in the house.  We still have a giant pile of boxes, and most of our stuff is unavailable for day to day use.

The appraiser (this time a live one) came last Friday.  We left the house so the fellow could poke around and do his job without us staring him down.  We were patient and waited for the report to come back.  Tuesday our realtor told us the bank has graciously deemed the house worthy of the new loan.  Unfortunately, the appraiser couldn't find the hole to lead down to the crawl space and would need to come back to check the status below the house.


Now, what kind of idiot whose job it is to find things like that, can't find one in our tiny laundry room?  Or, can't manage to use a phone to ask?

Ah yes, the idiot who can use any excuse to come back and charge for it.

So now we are waiting for on the appraiser to come back.  Once that happens, and we get his stamp of approval, it shouldn't be long.  Supposedly when that happens, the title company will call us to sign papers, and in 3 days time we can be done.  Closed.  Finis.

But for now, we are just waiting.


Tasha said...

Ughhh he seriously can charge to come back, when he should have called you to ask where it was. I would be livid.

Danae said...

Well, the only up side to this appraiser fiasco is this- it's the BUYERS financial problem. If a similar thing happens for the house that we are buying, then it would be ours. All the same, the 2nd visit is holding all of us up, and I am angry and frustrated and tired of it!