Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Move

It's official.  The old house has sold.  We signed papers on the house we are buying, and it should close tomorrow.  It was iffy up until the very end.  We ended up needing to "reimburse the time for missing work, and driving time" (aka bribe) the estranged husband of the lady buying our old home to sign a paper saying she could purchase the house on her own.  The title company told the Evil Mortgage Company two months ago that a paper would have to be signed and nothing was done.  When the papers were submitted to the title company, the title company reiterated and we were scrambling to get it done.  This estranged husband picks cherries in The Middle of Nowhere, Montana and it was tricky trying to track him down.

I feel like I should feel euphoria and relief.  But I'm not.  Every. Single. Time. I got really excited, and felt like "this is really happening," reality checked in and knocked me down emotionally.  We were 40 days past our closing date, which itself was a 40 day contract.  We've been on this emotional roller coaster since mid-June.  I'm tired.  I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Now, at this point in time, it would be extremely unlikely that it falls through.

But what if it does?  

Anyhoo.  Now that we've moved on from the old house FOR REALS, I'll post pictures from the move.  Ryan's mom suggested we take lots and lots of pictures, so I did my best, along with packing, parenting and everything else.

Packing:  (check out my awesome parenting skills- movie time...)
The toy room was full of boxes most of the summer; short on fun.
Elizabeth enjoyed decorating the boxes.
Moving day was last Thursday.  We weren't even certain we were going to actually move that day.
We let the girls go to friends' homes for the afternoon and evening, and away we went.  6 pm we started.
By 9:15 we were saying goodbye to all our wonderful helpers.  We had 5 or 6 pick-up trucks.  And then we were left were the aftermath.  Holy Moly.
Earlier this week, we let the kids say goodbye to the old house.  Emma has been a little emotional about leaving her old home.


Bingham Family said...

Sheesh! It's been a BUSY summer for ya'll! Loved the stitches post too. good luck with everything!!!

Hareford Wesley said...

Well, at least at the young ages, you have taught your children about the things in moving. Important things to consider in moving. That experience might be really tiring but it's fun though.

Danae said...

Thanks, Annie!

And yes, I find moving to be rather tiring. :)