Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Baptism Weekend

We had the opportunity to to go my niece's baptism yesterday.  They only live 1.5 hours away, so it was just a day trip.  

When we arrived at the church building before the baptism, of course no one else was there and the building was locked.  What better time to get some pictures of the kids...
 (Maddie, Emma, Amy, Annie, Elizabeth and Megan)
 Plus some silly shots.
(Enter Grandpa photo bombing.  Both Grandpa and Megan have the same version of a "silly face.")
 A nearby horse came over to check out our fun...
Simon tried to feed Curt old branches, and all but succeeded.  It must be great to be a cute toddler.  You can get adults to do all kinds of things.

The baptism went well.  Megan was baptized by her grandpa.  Grandma and Uncle Michael gave the talks, Ryan gave one of the prayers, Aunt Blair played the piano, and I led the music.  It was pretty much a family affair. :)  We had a big family dinner afterwards, before dispersing for our various drives home.

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