Friday, May 3, 2013


 I don't know how it happened.  This city girl is now deep in the country living experience.

Ryan has been gone a lot this week due to the T Livestock Show AND parent-teacher conferences at the high school.  He's been leaving before 6 am, and returning home between 8 and 9:30 pm.  Well, Wednesday night at 9:30 pm, he brought home a sheep from the livestock show.  I got to help herd the sheep into the pig pen in the dark.  (That was fun....)
 I have to make the appointment today to have him butchered, and then cut and wrapped.  Willie the pig will be sad.  They have become quite chummy.  Except when deciding who gets to eat first, and Willie is quite possessive of the food.  The sheep has figured out the pig feeder, which amazed Ryan.  He hadn't ever seen a sheep do that.
Elizabeth is the chicken whisperer.  She loves to hold the chickens, and they seem to put up with her.

Yesterday our three turkey chicks escaped their box.  I'm not sure if they figured out how to escape, or the chickens helped, or what, but when I went to let the chickens out of their coop- the turkeys were running free.  I ended up letting all the chickens outside, closed the door again, and then attempted to catch the turkeys.  They have a lot of their feathers now, and can fly surprisingly well.  There was hissing and fluffed feathers, but I caught two of the three.  I just could not get that last one.  (I think he will be dinner come Thanksgiving....)  He was in my hands two or three times, and got free again.  That squirmy beast.  So we waited for Ryan to come home, as he is more clever than I am at turkey catching.


Heidi E said...

I am impressed! The animals sound like they all have a lot of personality :)

Heidi E said...

I am impressed! It sounds like all of the animals have a lot of personality :)

Annie and Family said...

Real turkey chasing?! Wow... And thought I was busy just chasing my little "turkeys." Go Danae!