Sunday, April 28, 2013

Elizabeth is Baptized

Yesterday Elizabeth had the opportunity to be baptized.  We are so proud of her to choice to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Family started arriving Friday night, in the form of Uncle Michael, and cousins Simon, Megan, and Amy.  Everyone else came Saturday- Rick and Kim, Caitlin, Brynne, Curt, and Blair came first.  Then Janelle, Jeff, Alex, Claire, Grandma Nissen, and Nana.  Then my cousin Michael, and his wife Heidi and their kids came.

We had a luncheon with everyone at our house, followed by a trip to the church.  Once there, we realized 1) we had no keys to the church, and 2) we forgot Elizabeth's polyester jumpsuit.  And then we found out the missionaries forgot the programs, once they finally showed up.  Ryan had had to "break in" to the font to turn off the water.  (Something he had figured out when he was in the bishopric.)  The entire bishopric was either out of town or working, so we had High Priest Group Leader Gary Martin fill in.  It was shaping up to be a memorable day.  

But, things worked out, and Elizabeth was baptized and confirmed by her father.  The witnesses were the two Michaels (Ryan's brother and my cousin), and those in the circle for the confirmation were Ryan, Grandpa K, the two Michaels, Curt, Gary Martin and Bruce Ricks.  Bruce Ricks and Grandpa gave the talks.
Look at how pretty and grown up Elizabeth looks.

After the baptism, we headed all headed back to our house for dessert.  

Grandpa showed the girls how to set mouse traps:
 Sometimes I feel like our family get-togethers are a little different than other families..... :)

Then Ryan barbecued hot dogs before everyone left again.  Followed by more chatting.

Little Miss Claire has certainly grown up since I last saw her.  She's a cutie patootie, and let me hold her for a bit.

Michael and Blair decided they would stay the night.  We enjoyed getting to visit with them.

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