Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elizabeth Turns 8

Elizabeth bounced out of bed this morning, just as excited as could be.  Today is the day she turns 8 years old!  She had her presents opened by 8:15 am, which was very considerate.  I had her cake in the oven by 8:30, and we were all at church on time.

 (Mom got smart this time around.  I bought a gift to share with all the sisters, so we would have less jealousy.  So all the girls got matching My Little Pony plastic cups.  It made a world of difference.)
 She got a set of scriptures.
 And a white dress for her baptism.

 Elizabeth wanted pizza for her birthday dinner.  I bought one yesterday at Papa Murphys.
 She also wanted a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting.
 Elizabeth had many well-wishers call today.

Happy birthday Elizabeth.  Your enthusiasm for life is amazing.  You are funny, and smart, and we love you so much.

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Annie and Family said...

Hooray for 8! Happy Birthday!