Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One of those mornings

Some mornings I would dearly love to do over.

The kids were not especially excited to get ready for school this morning.  With 15 minutes to go before departure, Elizabeth was still eating breakfast and Emma remembered that she hadn't done her homework yet.  My gentle reminders regarding the time were escalating to something along the lines of, "Just do it now!  No, NOW.  No, you go find your socks.  How should I know where your shoes are?  Where did you leave them?  You aren't going to find them sitting there."

When I told the girls it was time to get in the car to go, Emma went to go check on her pig.  But at least all the kids were outside, so I opened the car with the key-less button.  I put on my coat and went outside to start the car.  Not one child was in the car, and only two were in sight.  The pig must have been fine, because Emma and Elizabeth were examining a captured moth in a glass jar.  I walked back inside to call Annie and Maddie, as I must have somehow missed them?  I called their names, but got no answer.  Where on earth had they gone?  So I locked the front door, and called for them outside.  "Wait, Mom," Emma said.  "I didn't get my backpack yet."

How come front doors don't have key-less entry yet?

While Emma was gathering her gear for the day, I wandered around the yard looking for the two missing 4-year-olds.  I found them in the back of the house, playing in the sprinklers.  And they were very wet.

Seriously, people?

I chased the twins into the car amid cries of, "I need new shoes/pants/I all wet!"  This was going to complicate my morning.

After the kids were dropped off at school and we were home again, I got Annie and Maddie into dry clothes.  I turned on PBS for them, and raced up the stairs to take a shower.  I had to come back down again to get new towels for my bathroom (I can thank my children for that- they steal my towels when they shower in my bathroom), but then I was set.  I'd had the heater on in there since I got up, so it was nice and toasty.  I may not get a long shower, but by golly, at least it was going to feel good.

I turned on the shower.  Or at least I thought I did.  There was no water coming from the shower head.  Oh wait, there it is.  That little drippy trickle.  I tried the downstairs bathroom.  Similar problem.

What the heck?

There was no way I was going to be able to wash my thick hair in that.  I didn't wash my hair yesterday, so it was kind of important that I did today.

I had 40 minutes until I need to leave for the twins speech therapy.  The problem had to be the sprinklers.

I ran outside, and stared at the sprinkler controller-thingamajobber.  I cursed myself for leaving this kind of thing to Ryan.  I didn't know how to turn the stupid thing off.

I called Ryan on his cell phone.  Twice.  Then I called him on his classroom phone.  A voice answered saying, "Mr. K-'s room," but it was not Ryan.  I texted Ryan.  "I need to talk NOW."

[crickets chirping]

I curled my hair yesterday.  While some ladies have cute "2nd day hair," mine does more of a, "frizzy, kinky, fuzzy mess."  Maybe I could wet it down in the trickle of water and then.... wear a hat?

Ryan finally called.  With his explaining, I thought I got the sprinklers turned off, but he kept talking about some other thing that needed to be turned to off, and there wasn't anything like that that I could see.  I was watching the clock tick off the minutes, and told Ryan that I thought it was fine.

I ran back upstairs to my bathroom.  The water turned on (hooray!), and I took a super fast shower.

We made it to speech therapy.  My hair was still wet, but we were there with 2 minutes to spare.

So when Ryan get home at 7 tonight, we will need to have a discussion about the timing of those sprinklers.  Sometimes our well is fine to run sprinklers and do household stuff, but sometimes.... it isn't.

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Annie and Family said...

You always make me laugh! I can't tell you how often my house sounds like that! And hats are my best friends!!!