Saturday, April 27, 2013

Harry Potter Party, part duex

The party started after school Friday afternoon.  (We'd had to reschedule this party 2 or 3 times due to other birthday parties we were invited to.  I just wasn't fast enough getting the invites out.  Who knew a week was too slow?)  I got a picture of the two birthday girls in the glaring sun.  Emma really got into it, and put on her Hermione costume.  
 We had coloring pages and a Who's Who game while we waited for our guests to all arrive.
 Then we played Pin the Scar on Harry.

 It was funny to see the lightening scars all over Harry's face at the end.
Then we had the kids make up their personal pizzas.  
While the pizzas baked, we had the kids pick their wands, and turned them all loose with a list of spells from the series.  Thank goodness the wands were fake, because the spells were flying in every direction.  There was one condition- no Unforgivable Curses. 
 The kids even went after our chickens.
Then it was dinner time.  I even peeled off the labels of the bottles of soda and replaced them with appropriate Harry Potter-esque printables.
 Then our Golden Snitch cupcakes!

I made this sign, but our guests weren't as excited as my family to pose a la Sirius Black.

 Ryan got a little too into it.  Horrible Mullet Wig made an appearance.

The kids played Spells for a long time after dinner.  The Lumos and Nox spells were used a lot on all of the lights. When they got tired of that, we turned on a Harry Potter movie until parents arrived.

To see the invitations and decorations, click here.


janel said...

Such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

How did you create those awesome invitations, with the burnt-looking edges??