Monday, April 15, 2013


(This story is from last school year.  To protect feelings/identities/whatever, it wasn't included here right away.  It is one of my favorite stories from Ryan's classroom.)

It was the last day of the trimester.  A girl, who is in the top 5% of her class, came to Ryan to talk about her grade.  All of a sudden, she decided she needed to do something about her less-than-stellar C.  After having seen her mid-term grade several weeks before.

"Mr. K!  I need to bring up my grade.  I'm going for Valedictorian next year, so I need to do some extra credit or something.  What can I do?"

Ryan looked at her, and thinking quickly, came up with this gem.  "OK.  This is what you can do.  You are going to go home tonight.  You are going to build a time machine.  You are going to go back in time.  And then, you are going to turn in all those assignments that you are missing."

The girl was jaw-dropping appalled.  Her teacher was not taking her predicament seriously.  Her GPA was going to be ruined.

And it was.

Life lesson learned- you can't slack off just because the class is an elective and expect a good grade.

The reason I thought of this story was Ryan got a call from a former student tonight at about 7:30 pm.  "Hey, K-" (Apparently it's cool to call your favorite teachers by just their last name.)  "I got off work at 7 o'clock tonight.  It's tax day; my taxes are done now.  What do I do?"

I thought the time machine speech would have been good, but Ryan was nicer and gave him something usable.

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MindySue said...

Seriously. If kids don't learn accountability they end up as useless, annoying adults. LOVE his response!