Friday, April 19, 2013

Wind Damage

Spring time brings huge wind storms around here.  One of our trees (mostly) lost a limb, but it would not come down.  It hung on there, dragging on the ground.  After a few days of waiting, and parking not next to the house (lest we get smashed or blocked in), Ryan decided something must be done.

He grabbed a gate that was laying around, flipped it around and used it as the tall ladder we don't have.
I tried to hold it steady.  Emma thought she'd watch and take pictures, in case we both got pinned and maimed.

Ryan sawed the branch until it was no longer attached.  Then he made a noose with wire, tied it to the branch, and then pulled that stubborn branch out of the tree.
(You can see Ryan in the tree.  He was up pretty far.)

Now we have a giant pile of branch pieces waiting to become a bonfire.

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