Saturday, May 4, 2013

On A Saturday

Ryan was off to his FFA plant sale again this morning.  When he arrived, he had a queue of people waiting for the sale to start.  His plants looked amazing, as always.  The weather was not cooperating as much as he might have liked, so he made some adjustments:
They moved all the desks over to the side of the classroom, and moved half of the plant sale inside.  The other part stayed in his awning.  The greenhouse was packed full of plants.  (Hanging from the ceiling, on tables, and all over the floor.)  There wasn't exactly any room for prospective buyers to shop, so Ryan has been moving the sale outside the last two years.

(And these are just a couple of random plant sale pictures from my phone.)

 After we spent several hours in the wind, we took a quick trip to a wedding reception.  The kids had pizza smears on their clothes from lunch, we were all in shorts and t-shirts, and my wind-blown hair was so big, it resembled a 'fro.
That's my classy family.  Elizabeth is hiding from the camera behind her drink.

And that's more or less what we were up to today.  We were not-so-good extended family today, though.  Ryan's sister, Brynne, graduated with her Masters degree today, and we were not able to go.  So, congrats Brynne; we were with you in spirit.

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