Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hula Girls

For Halloween Emma really wants to be a "hula girl."  Rather than buy a coconut bra and pathetic grass skirt from the store, I called up my mom and asked for help.  It arrived, in the form of three giant plastic tubs of supplies and choices.  

So, we played dress up while Emma picked out her favorite.  
 Check out Maddie strutting her "stuff."  This is what she looks like when she tries on certain items of my underwear...
 Elizabeth was going for the all yellow look.
 Emma dubbed the pink dress the "Princess Dress" and really wanted to wear that one for Halloween.  I nixed that one, as it was a wee bit too long.  I remember thinking it was really pretty when I was younger, too.  Now it just says "late '80s or early '90s" to me.
Elizabeth, all ready to become the Goddess of the Volcano, Pele.

The kids thought I needed to try on more.  So I tried on the Pink Princess dress:
 It fit more comfortably Before Kids, and not over so many other clothes.  (Can't.... breathe....)  It was also made for my mom, who is a bit shorter than I am.  (We also kept bothering Ryan, who was just trying to do his homework.  "Look, Daddy!")
Thanks, Mom.  It was a fun blast from the past.  The kids loved trying on all the old costumes.

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Annie and Family said...

Ha! Love playing dress ups! And WHAT? That dress was awesome! :)