Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I got up early this morning to help Ryan get ready for work.  He's been planning his costume since last November, when I saw this on Pinterest:
Meet DumbleDora.  It's a mash-up of Dumbledore and Dora the Explorer.  Our version was a little bit different from the Pinterest version.  I made a "smoking cap" (with no pattern, by the way, and having no idea what I was doing) instead of trying to find a Dora wig.  In the Harry Potter movies, it seems like Dumbledore wore a smoking cap more often than a wizard hat.
 And that Dora backpack we have got put to good use.
After school, we all got ready to go to the church Halloween carnival and Trunk or Treat.  We were running behind, and only got a family shot before running out the door to finish getting ready for the carnival.  
 We got more pictures at the church, though.
 Barbie Annie and Barbie Princess Maddie
 Emma sporting the Maori costume.
Elizabeth as Medusa.  Her costume is a white bed sheet and dollar store snakes hot glued to clips.
 I braided Elizabeth's hair to go along with the snake theme.  She was clearly trying to turn me to stone for taking so many pictures of her.
 Jessiela and Elizabeth
 Emma, Amerie (Audrey Hepburn) and Kaylee (Little Bo Peep)
 Tiffany (struck by lightning) and '70s muumuu and hair me
My bangs are horrible, aren't they?  I was trying for Farrah Fawcett hair. This is an authentic '70s muumuu.  All I can say about the muumuu is that it's really bright.  At least I wasn't any brighter than Ryan.

Ryan's beard had seen some hard usage by this point in his day.   
The kids tried hard to get a tummy ache, clearly ignoring my, "Just eat one or two please."

Update 11/3/13  An old lady at church told me today how much she liked my Halloween costume, and how nice and "Hawaiian" I looked.  I just thanked her, as I figured it would be rude to say the muumuu was chosen because it was the ugliest thing I could find.

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