Monday, November 4, 2013

Big Birthday Weekend Begins

We had a very exciting, very busy weekend to celebrate Annie and Maddie turning 5-years-old.  Friday night we had the "friend party."  As this was the day after Halloween, I kept it really simple.  We had an easy fall wreath craft to start us off.  (Picture of the finished products, since I was busy helping during the craft.)
 Then we let the kids play while we finished making dinner.
 We ate the new Kirkland frozen pizzas for dinner.  Between 12 kids and 2 adults, we ate a lot of pizza.
 Sean, Noah, Ian, Jane, Annie, Kennedy, Maddie, Elizabeth, Tanner, Amber and Jaxon sitting around the table.
Then we let Annie and Maddie open their presents.  
 Then let the kids play with the new toys.  I was a little amused to see Tanner and Noah enjoying the Polly Pockets.
Cake and ice cream time.
(I think Jane got in on blowing out the candles...)
Ryan had to go to the high school for a bit, so I turned on a movie, and let the kids watch or play as desired.

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