Sunday, November 17, 2013

I bought a couch

My babysitting gig is over.  It was really nice to get a pay check for the first time in years, but I am glad it's done.

We've been stalking a nearby auction house once a week for a couch.  A new couch was going to be my reward, as the free couch and love seat we've been making due with have been slowly getting sadder and sadder.  Falling apart.  Looking pathetic.  Stuffing coming out.  Embarrassing.

So after 4 weeks of trying, we scored us a sectional couch from Macy's at the auction.  Our winning bid was $650.
 I love it.  It's "graphite" colored (a dark gray-blue).  We are keeping the old green couch and love seat until after Thanksgiving.  We are expecting a lot of people, and enough seating is a plus.

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