Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Dinner Time Funny

Tonight I made some cranberry sauce to go with our dinner.  The cranberry sauce was another one of those recipes I found on Pinterest.  It was really good, but three of the four kids didn't even want to try the sauce.  They love the jellied stuff from a can, but this was new and unfamiliar territory and, therefore, suspect.

I made whoopie pies with Annie and Maddie this afternoon, and we waited patiently to eat them for dessert.  Unfortunately, the kids are required to taste everything on their plate, and some were protesting a lot (ahem-Emma).  It took a while, but everyone tasted the cranberry-orange sauce (recipe pinned here) and we were able to move on.

As we were all sitting around the table, watching Emma finish her cookie, Ryan offered her another cookie if she would eat a big spoonful of the cranberry sauce.  Gagging noises was Emma's response.

Annie hadn't been over-fond of the sauce either (maybe from listening to Emma's tirade), but jumped up and came over to Ryan to "have another taste."  Annie made a bit of a face as the sauce was sliding down, and then grabbed a cookie before running back to her seat.

Ryan looked at me in astonishment, and I laughed.  I suppose if the deal was good for Emma (even though Ryan was pretty sure Emma wouldn't go for it), it was good for Annie too.

Maddie then came over to have her taste of cranberry sauce and a 3rd cookie as well.

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