Sunday, June 8, 2014


I mentioned a while ago that our "male" cat had been showing signs of pregnancy.  Ryan (jokingly) said he was not willing to believe it.  One of the reasons we chose Merlin was the fact he was a boy, and if we were a little late in getting him fixed, well, not too much harm done, right?

Well, on Mother's Day, Merlin gave birth under our wrap around porch.  And while Merlin can get in and out easily enough, we had to peer through the wood boards to figure out how many kittens there were.  From our disadvantaged point, we guessed about 4 or 5 kittens.  

Fast forward to 4 weeks later.  For a while we thought all of the kittens had died.  Merlin is a young, new mom, and not especially fond of just hanging out with the kittens.  We think some of the kittens may have been eaten by a skunk or something too.  So we were excited to find the one remaining kitten.
 The kids want to name it Emrys.  They think it goes well with Merlin.
And we can thank BBC and Netflix for this family friendly show that we all love.

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