Sunday, June 22, 2014

Franklin Falls

With 5 weeks to go until Ryan is done with his Masters degree, I'm not sure we are going be able to squeeze in a proper family vacation.  I think we will have to make do with some little day trips.  Yesterday we took one to Franklin Falls, which is about a 1 mile hike in to the falls.

Here we are waiting for Daddy to come back with the checkbook for a parking pass.  Apparently the Discover Pass we bought doesn't cover all the recreation areas.  Bummer.

 We found a cool tree that needed a picture.
 When I told Ryan he needed a picture by a cool tree, this is the one he picked:
  Thanks to some stranger in the woods, we have a family picture. :)
 If you look in the top left corner of the above picture, you will see part of I-90.  Who knew there was a cool waterfall under the interstate?
There wasn't a good place to sit and eat a snack next to the waterfall, not to mention it was pretty damp from the spray, so we headed back on the trail a little ways before stopping for a snack.

 There was a good spot for throwing rocks in the river.  It isn't a proper walk without throwing rocks in a river.
 Ryan tried to splash water at the girls.
The kids did so well on the hike.  This year is the first ever that no one needed to be carried at all.  And there was no whining about how tired and bored anyone was.  Amazing. 

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