Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Post about Spokane

Ryan was off to meetings again early, so the girls and I went swimming in the indoor pool after breakfast.  We had to get our swimming in early, because we needed to be out of our room by lunch.  We had the pool pretty much to ourselves.
After getting washed, dressed, packed, and out of the room, we went to lunch at McDonalds and walked around the Spokane Valley Mall (it was quite hot outside).  We figured we would make it back just in time to meet up with Ryan getting done with his conference.  As it turns out, they were running behind.  So, we sat in the lobby of the Red Lion hotel, and watched Netflix on the iPad, which was propped up on my purse.
Eventually, the conference concluded, and we were granted access to Ryan again.

I had made plans to meet up with some friends later in the day, and so we had some time to kill before ice cream at 4 pm.  Manito Park called our name, so off we went.
 The formal garden is so pretty.

 Ok, the whole park was pretty.  We had melting children (just ask them), but we managed to enjoy the flowers all the same.

 On our way out of the park, Ryan stopped very suddenly, hopped out of the car, and showed us all the turtle whose life he just saved before putting the turtle in the grass on the side of the road.
Then we made our way to north Spokane for our ice cream date with Troy and Brooke, and their family.
We spent an hour at the Cold Stone Creamery, probably driving the employees crazy with our 8 combined children running around.  It was so good to see Brooke again!

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