Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grandpa Camp 2014

This was Grandpa Camp week.  I took the girls up on Monday and hung out for a while, so Ryan could have the house to himself and do homework.  He also was part of an interview committee for hiring a new English teacher at the high school, which took up several hours of his day.  But once he was done, we went on a proper date to Red Lobster and proceeded to make ourselves sick on food.  Ryan ate 8 biscuits in addition to the meal he ordered.  We were both moaning about how full we were a couple of hours later.

Tuesday I watched a 1-year-old for the day, and Ryan did homework.  The little one thought the floor was hot lava, and spent much of the day kind of sad and being held.  Her mom spent the week at Girl's Camp (perhaps a bit begrudgingly), and this was my way of contributing to her effort.  

Ryan finished his homework for the week (except the submission), so he was able to join me in going to Grandpa Camp on Wednesday.  We joined up with all the family, and drove a van full to Wenatchee to play at a water park.
 Emma had a sunburn from Tuesday's outing to a pool, and preferred to keep her shoulders covered.

It was quite hot, and so Grandma decided to take a quick trip through the spray.
 Ryan and Colin before.....
 Ryan and Colin after their run through.
 Simon was not wanting to play in the water, even held by Grandpa.  But Maddie and I had a run through.

Coming back, running after Blair.

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