Saturday, July 12, 2014

Friday and S'more-ganzaa

Ryan and I arrived once more to join in the fun of Grandpa Camp.  What started as a keep-no-napping-Simon-happy-activity turned into a full family drumming experience.  Who knew food storage buckets could be so exciting?
 After dinner was the official annual S'more-ganzaa.  This was the first year it's been on the east side of the state, and it was hot hot hot.  The kids were not eager to be next to the fire.  I personally roasted way more marshmallows than I ate.

 Now here come the awkward eating pictures.  There are very few people who can eat s'mores and look good.

 Grandma was the official Keeper of the Chocolate.  We decided it was too hot outside to leave the chocolate outside, and it's just a good idea to have at least one adult watching the goodies.

 Rick lost his marshmallow to the dirt.  He's staring at it between his feet.
Once our bellies were full of sugar and chocolate (and a game of cribbage for Emma and Grandpa), then it was time to head home with some very tired kids.

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