Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Vacation Pictures

Our day started off a little slowly due to the late night.  But we got out eventually, and made our way back to Portland.  We took the MAX, which is underground at Washington Park.  

 Ryan made this amazing sandwich for the girls.  That is honey and Reeses Pieces sandwich.
 Then we walked down to Powell's City of Books.  Best bookstore ever.
 Each of the girls got to pick out a book, and I picked out two. :)

 Then we decided it was time to head out to Lincoln City.  After our escapade from the night before, I was nervous that we didn't actually book the campground, or book the right days, or something dreadful.  But all was well.  We found our campground at Devil's Lake just fine.  And we reserved a good site.  It was one of the few big enough for our Great and Spacious Tent.
 Instead of helping, Emma got side tracked by her new book.

 After dinner, we walked down to the beach.
 It was super windy.
 This picture below isn't a good one of the kids, but it's worth posting anyway.  Epic photo bomb by the guy in the tank top.
 Once we were frozen, and half soaked by ocean water, we went back to our tent site for s'mores.
Sometime about 4 am, I woke up feeling sore everywhere.  Between then and when it was time to get up, I came to the conclusion that little foam mat I was on was insufficient for these old bones of mine.

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