Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oregon Coast

After one very long and uncomfortable night in which Ryan and I decided our "old bones" aren't as young as they used to be and we need a heck of a lot more cushion under us while we sleep, we went adventuring.  We drove down to Yaquina Head to see the historic lighthouse.  We made a reservation for a tour of the lighthouse, and checked out the visitor's center and then drove down to one of the beaches while we waited.
After a picnic lunch, we headed to the lighthouse to await our tour guide.  It was really foggy, so we didn't have a good view of the ocean.  It was also cold and windy, so we felt a lot of sympathy for the people who used to live and work at the lighthouse year 'round.  Yaquina Head lighthouse is a mile out to sea, and boy, do you know it.
Last time we were here, Emma was three and not old enough to take the tour.  But 5, 9, and 11-year-olds are big and strong enough to walk all the stairs, so we got the tour.  This wrought iron staircase is all original.  I loved it.
We discovered Elizabeth was not keen on the height when you can see all the way to the bottom.

Next, we drove to Yaquina Bay lighthouse for a self-guided tour of the lighthouse that was used for all of 3 years.
We had to drive over the Newport bridge.  We all thought it looked cool.
Then we drove north to find the Drift Creek covered bridge.  It's been moved from it's original location to someone's property.  But it's still available for public viewing.
Afterwards, we had dinner at a '60s style diner.  It had just about the slowest service ever, so it was really good that there were model airplanes hanging from the ceiling and tons of memorabilia plastered to the walls to look at.  And, while I was waiting for Annie to do her "business" in the restroom, the power went out.  It was just for a few seconds, but startling nonetheless.  During all my time waiting for kids to use the potty, I saw this in the restroom.  I felt "mirror bombed" by Elvis.  
After dinner, it was back to the ocean.

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