Sunday, August 3, 2014


We made the most of our 1 week with Daddy.  After coming home Tuesday night from Oregon, we left again Wednesday afternoon for Spokane and spent the night at a hotel.  Thursday morning we left bright and early for the breakfast of champions (donuts) and then off to Silverwood!
 We arrived a bit early, so we walked into the park and waited for them to let us in for the rides.  We made a bee line to the roller coasters.  First we did the Timber Terror with all the girls.
 This is the I've Never Been On A Roller Coaster But Getting Ready For My First Ride photo.  That picture pretty much sums up how these girls felt about roller coasters.  Elizabeth LOVED them, and Emma, not so much.  Annie and Maddie were somewhere in the middle of those emotions.  We took all the girls on Tremors too.

Next we got soaked on Thunder Canyon.
 We had all of the kids drive their own vintage car.  Elizabeth was cool about roller coasters, but driving the car totally freaked her out.
 Emma loved it.
 Annie and Maddie thought they were big stuff.
 After a peanut butter sandwich lunch, we changed into our swimsuits in the van, and played at Boulder Beach.
 Had yet another peanut butter sandwich meal, and went back for more rides.  (After this trip, no one wants another peanut butter sandwich.  Possibly ever again.)  Elizabeth convinced her dad to take her on the Panic Plunge.  We did the Corkscrew together, and she got her dad to go with her again on that one, but she couldn't convince me to do the Panic Plunge with her.  What can I say?  The idea of a free fall does not appeal to me.
We didn't leave until after 9 pm.  It was a long day, and a long drive home, but the kids had a great time. (Ok, who am I kidding?  We all did.)  The girls are asking when we can go back.

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