Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fair Fun

One of the changes that have come with Ryan's slight change of occupation is no free tickets to the fair.  There was a window of two hours that was free admission to the fair on the first day, so Ryan left work (it was a teacher in-service day so the kids were off anyway) a little early and we went to the fair.  Judging from the line of people also entering the fair, we were not alone trying to be frugal.  

We stopped by the Ag barn first, so Ryan could check to see how the new FFA teacher did on her display.  He just shook his head, and wished the new lady would have accepted his help and expertise.  Then we walked over to the bee keepers, and Ryan had a nice loooonnngg discussion with the fellow.  
We stayed a long time in the STEAM building.  STEAM is a lot like STEM, but with "arts" thrown in too.  They had a lot of the Snap Circuits available to play with, and as we have some at our house and know how to use them, we snapped away.

 We admired the small animals barn, and the girls think we need to adopt a bunny now too.  (They are so soft mom!)

 Had some Elephant Ears.
 Rode the "Sundola."

Watched a wool demonstration.

 Rode the Sundola again.  Like my view?  We listened to the Aerosmith tribute band playing as we rode along.  It was loud even as far away as we were.
 We watched the races for a little while before we left.  Ryan thought the rainbow ending over the track was an omen and so we needed to watch.  It reminded me of one of our first dates- watching car races on a dirt track.  The girls were not impressed and thought it was too loud to be enjoyable.  We didn't stay long.

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