Thursday, September 10, 2015

Soccer Season Begins

Annie and Maddie are playing soccer this year, and the fall season has begun.  Our team did not have a coach until early this week, and then the teams had some switching around last minute...  Anyway, Annie and Maddie had zero practice before heading to our first game.
 You can't really tell, but Annie is way more excited for soccer than Maddie.

Meeting the coach:
 Annie is wearing friend Sean's soccer jersey.  The jerseys cost $30, and I couldn't justify that x2.  Actually, I didn't even buy one.  We borrowed Sean's jersey (he wasn't a fan of soccer last year) and I bought a plain black shirt, and called it good.  I don't know how enthusiastic the girls are going to be about soccer, and I am cheap.  Perhaps if we do this more than one year, I may even buy the girls soccer shoes.  Maybe.
 We played the other team from our town, and so we got the yellow shirts today.
This is how Maddie played her game- sort of trailing behind the other girls.  Maybe she'll get more into it with some practice.  These are my children we are talking about though.  I make it a habit to stay away from moving balls out of fear, and Ryan isn't exactly extra skilled in sports.  But I want the girls to have more exposure to sports than I did when I was younger, and team sports isn't a bad way to go.

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