Friday, September 25, 2015

What Thursday Looks Like

Thursday afternoons and evenings are a little crazy this fall.  I start with picking up the younger three girls up from school, then we drive over to the middle school to watch Emma's volleyball games.  I bring snacks for the kids to eat after school.  If they are munching, there is less complaining about how "bored" they are.
 (And take potty breaks between games.)
 After volleyball ends, Annie and Maddie change into their soccer uniforms, and Ryan gets ready for soccer.  Ryan sort of unofficially became the assistant coach because our coach doesn't come for our games.  Ryan is the ref, another parent brings the balls and cones, and another parent bring the coach's daughter for the game.  It's an interesting set up.  At least the coach leads the practices and seems to have some soccer experience and knowledge.
 The rest of us eat the picnic dinner I brought and watch the game.
Then we go home for homework and bedtime.

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