Monday, February 29, 2016


Annie walked in the front door after school with a wad of bloody tissue sticking out of her mouth, and more wadded up in one hand.  In other words, she looked like a mess.  Did I miss a phone call from the school?  What happened?

With my eyebrows raised, I nonchalantly asked what happened to Annie today?  Speaking around the bloody tissue mess was going to be difficult, so Maddie answered for her twin.  Annie's tooth fell out on the bus.  

Then came the full version:  Well, actually a girl on the bus dared Annie to pull out her own tooth, and Annie happily obliged.  

Annie dropped her handful of kleenex on the kitchen table, and she started uncrumpling all of them trying to find the little bitty baby tooth.  She couldn't find it.  There was a moment of panic.  I calmly stepped in and was able to find her tooth tucked into a scrunched up corner of one of the tissues.

Crisis adverted.  Mom saved the day.

It's Dr. Seuss spirit week at school, and the reason Annie is wearing her soccer jersey in this picture is that it was sports day.  We don't actually own sports gear, exactly.  So the twins wore their own soccer shirts, and Elizabeth wore a BYU hand-me-down t-shirt from someone in the ward (which isn't precisely sports, but BYU does have basketball, football, etc. teams, so we're all good, right?).  When I was in volunteering, I realized the closest thing I have to sport clothes is a Quidditch "World Cup" t-shirt.

I think that means I prefer books to real sports.

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