Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Making Dinner

We are still wading through the onions and winter squash we grew last year.  I am not stingy with onions these days- I'll cut up a whole one and throw it in almost any (savory) dish I can think of: pasta, soup, rice dish, eggs, Mexican dishes, Italian dishes, gyros, sandwiches, you name it.  Emma still isn't a fan.  But if the onions are small enough and well disguised, sometimes they pass unnoticed.  

Sometimes I like to joke that I must be really attached to our onions.  I get teary-eyed every time I use them in our food.  Every. Single. Time.  While this isn't usually a problem, it's an issue when we are having company over for dinner.  Between cooking, helping with homework, and making sure the kitchen doesn't explode into a full blown mess (because our table is IN the kitchen and so there is no hiding a mess), I don't always have a moment to find a mirror and adjust mobile eyeliner and mascara before the company arrives.

Darn onion fumes.

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