Friday, March 4, 2016

1st Grade Writing

I love looking at writing that the kids have done.  These both have been pieces that have been displayed on the hallway wall at school.  The first one is by Annie in honor of Dr. Seuss week.
"If that Cat in the Hat came to your house, how would you get him to leave?"  Annie's answer: I would put water on him.  Then pack up his stuf.  Then I would kick him out of the door.

Some of the other kids wrote that they would call the police or 911 so the Cat in the Hat could be put in jail.  I guess The Cat in the Hat is really not welcome at anyone's house.

This one was one of the first opinion papers Maddie wrote, this being whether or not the class should have a Valentine's Day party.
"I beileve we shold have a Valentie's Day partty beuase it allows us to Show people we love them and having a Vantines partty wold be good beuase I Love Valentines."

Can you believe one kid didn't think they should have a Valentine's party?  Who raises a kid like that?

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